🌳9. Environment & Social Responsibility

Environment & Social Responsibility

The LL-Group is committed to environmental protection and contributes to the avoidance of CO2 emissions. It also pays attention to equal rights movements and gender equality across its activities, guided by international ESG standards.

9.1 CO2 Avoidance; Use of Renewable Energy

The LL-Group has included in its corporate strategy clauses dedicated to the production of its fashion items to be produced in closest proximity to its direct consumer market, thus avoiding long transport routes that are harmful to the environment.

The Leandro Lopes European market is served by production in Portugal. In the future, production in the USA and other countries will also be established accordingly to serve respected audiences and markets. The LL-Group incentives walking instead of transportation methods. For these purposes the $Lopes [1] Shoe has been developed to further reward walking behaviour amongst the LL-Community.

In addition, the LL-Group uses renewable energy as a source for needed energy. Offices and warehouses belonging to the LL-Group are already equipped with solar power systems. In Portugal, LL-Group currently purchases its electricity from renewable energy sources provided by local utility companies.

9.2 Fairness and Gender Equality

A major element of social responsibility is the promotion of equal employment rights and the promotion of female employees within the LL-Group with 64% of the current workforce being women.

Salary policies are governed by a principle of same work, same wage, independent of gender, religion, and origin of the employees.

Employees receive above-average wages and benefit from good working conditions.

LL-Group prides itself on taking into account respective life situations for each of its employees and heavily promotes internal growth and career development across its brand and ecosystem.

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