🧑‍🤝‍🧑12. Management Team and Senior Employees of the LL-Group

Management Team and Senior Employees of the LL-Group

The organisation of the LL-Group consists currently of a total of 30 people. The core LL-Team of the LL-Group includes:

Leandro Lopes – (non-executive) Chief Strategy Officer

Leandro Lopes started designing shoes and other fashion products at the age of 13. Through his extensive experience in the fashion industry and a unique understanding of the operational frameworks needed to run a successful fashion line, Leandro was able to build the ‘Leandro Lopes’ brand from the ground up to what it is today. Leandro continues to focus on the growth and scalability of the LL brand, heading production, processing and quality control which allow ‘Leandro Lopes’ to be considered as one of the highest quality and upcoming fashion brands in Europe.

Mohamad Sharif – Chief Marketing Officer

Mohamad Sharif has built a successful career and experience in the public relations and marketing sector, contributing to various projects which have led to his contribution and high-level affiliation to the Leandro Lopes brand. Mohamad has over 10 years in influencer management, building an internal network of influencers including A-list celebrities, entrepreneurs, music, and movie icons used to develop outward marketing campaigns and enhanced brand engagement and reach.

Stanislav Scharapow – Chief Technical Officer

Stanislav is responsible for the whole technical ecosystem and operations infrastructure of the Leandro Lopes Group. Stanislav has over 10 years of experience, working previously for several well-known E-Commerce Companies. He has also tremendous and extensive experience in building highly scalable models for growth, previously achieving 9-figure yearly turnovers.

Dr. Wolfgang Strub – Member of the Board of Directors

Wolfgang has more than 25 years of international banking experience and has held senior positions in financial analysis and portfolio management for many years. Among others, he worked for Darier & Co, Schweiz. Volksbank and Banque Paribas. He is a member of the Liechtenstein Banking Commission (1997 - 2004). Since 2007 owner and managing director of Taragon Capital AG, Vaduz, and Treuhandgesellschaft Strub AG.

Hugo Melo - Head of Sneaker Design

With his classical education in industrial Footwear design and Textile manufacturing, Hugo has 15 years’ experience in fashion design and is currently a very important component of the Leandro Lopes design team. Hugo has worked as designer in several international textile and fashion brands. As of 2016, Hugo has taken responsibility as Head of Sneaker Design for the whole Leandro Lopes sneaker portfolio, focusing on the look and feel of the brand now and more importantly in the future.

Louis Thesing - Head of Sales

After achieving a Bachelor of Arts in “Fashion and Design Management” Louis started to work full-time for Leandro Lopes as Head of Sales focusing purely on the German market.

As Head of Sales, Louis manages the control of international sales agencies and is currently responsible for international fairs and exhibitions.

Marcel Korth - Product Manager

Parallel to completing his Bachelor of Arts in “Fashion and Design Management” in university in Düsseldorf, Marcel started working for Leandro Lopes as part-time product manager. Marcel is responsible for managing the product throughout each Lifecycle, gathering and prioritising product and customer requirements and working closely with the production quality assurance Team.

Angelina Leuker - Head of Accounting

Finishing her education as a qualified accountant in 2013, Angelina has worked for 6 years as a well-known tax and business consultant. Since 2019 Angela operates as the Head of Accounting at Leandro Lopes and is responsible for running the scalable and professional accounting structure needed for international expansion.

Andre Perreira - Head of Logistics

Andre has been a part of the Leandro Lopes brand from its starting stages. To date, Andre has set up all the logistic processes across the Leandro Lopes operations. With the growing turnover, Andre has set up a scalable logistic process for international logistics and orders. In 2021 Andre and his team managed to send out over 20.000 packages to international private customers and additionally hundreds of pallets to resellers and sales agencies.

Victor Santos – Factory Director Portugal

Victory has over 20 years of experience in producing shoes and factory management strategies. Since 2018, Victor has been working as the Factory Director responsible for all processes in the Leandro Lopes shoe factory. Victor is continuously improving the supply chain workflow within the factory and ensuring that all necessary standards are fulfilled.

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