1. Chairman’s Foreword

Chairman’s Foreword

Dear members of our community,

Leandro Lopes (LL) is a multidimensional and authentic upcoming fashion brand, which constitutes integrity through high quality and exclusive individual designs. Leandro Lopes is more than just fashion or clothing. Leandro Lopes expresses a special spirit and lifestyle driven towards connecting people. Because of its celebrities and influencers and their communities of over 20 million followers, Leandro Lopes has a huge potential. Many of the market participants consider Leandro Lopes as one of the fastest growing fashion brands in 2022.

Leandro Lopes embraces on values to produce only in Europe, establishing a wide range of core products such as sneakers, Tops, Pants, and other shoes handmade from high quality materials. The production of all LL-Products takes place solely in factories in Portugal, where the Lopes family has been long running shoe factories and business since 1962.

To accelerate the growth and internationalisation of the LL-Fashion Business, the Leandro Lopes group has decided to leverage blockchain technology to introduce the $Lopes token and a cryptocurrency-based infrastructure via an initial token offering (“LL-ITO” or “ITO”). The goal in establishing such a strategy adheres to a full and long-term vision of which will require a capital raise of approximately CHF 25 million needed for rapid growth into international markets, particularly the huge US-Market, a milestone that will catapult Leandro Lopes into the premier league of fashion brands.

The purpose of the LL-ITO is not only to increase awareness of the brand but also comes with the intention of contributing to the health and wellness of people and the environment. Leandro Lopes wants to move people all over the world and plans to do so through an innovative program labelled the LL “Wear to Earn”-program. ‘Wear to Earn 'is an innovative program designed to complement the iconic $Lopes Sneakers; whereby users are to be incentivised to walk with the $Lopes Sneakers in exchange for rewards deployed by the brand internal token structure, $Lopes tokens. Anyone can earn $Lopes tokens by wearing $Lopes Sneakers, the more a user walks, the more $Lopes tokens one is able to accrue. The benefit of earning $Lopes tokens will help to encourage and grow the LL-Ecosystem, providing value for users such that the tokens can be used for further purchases of Leandro Lopes products. This is because the total number of $Lopes tokens that are created is limited and the LL-Ecosystem ensures the scarcity of the $Lopes token itself. Of course, the LL-Ecosystem is completed by an attractive loyalty and status program additionally which acts to suit the supply and demand side of this strategy.

Another important goal that the LL brand will look to accomplish in the future will be the introduction of virtual reality and digital asset-based collections for the LL-Fashion Business. Specially designed shoes and other garments will be made available as NFTs that can later be used in various metaverses and avatar economies; this will allow users to wear and accessories using Leandro Lopes products across virtual environments.

With the merging of the physical and virtual worlds, we are entering a new era of fashion and business. This is a crucial step towards further growth of our community in the future. We are sure that this concept will make us a highly recognizable pioneer across the fashion world.

In this Whitepaper, we will describe in detail how our successful and established fashion business will be further enhanced using blockchain technology. We will present the Leandro Lopes Token (“$Lopes” or “$Lopes tokens”) and explain the LL-Ecosystem as well as elaborate on the use of the funds raised by the issuance of the $Lopes token and our future plans for growth and scalability.

Please read on and join our thriving online and offline community to ask questions, learn more, and take advantage of the unique opportunities that the LL-Ecosystem creates. Thank you for taking the time to read our Whitepaper and learn more about the unique Leandro Lopes community.

Leandro Lopes


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