🔁5. The $Lopes and the $Lopes-ECOSYSTEM

The $Lopes and the $Lopes-ECOSYSTEM

The Issuer has developed an ecosystem centred around $Lopes tokens. The $Lopes ecosystem ("LL-Ecosystem") includes features, use cases, and benefits of using the $Lopes. The LL-Ecosystem is rounded out by an introduction of NFTs and the Metaverse.

5.1 $Lopes Qualification and Use

The $Lopes is a utility token representing a voucher that can be used for the purchase of Leandro Lopes products in the Leandro Lopes Online Shop and LL-Flagship Stores. Users can choose whether to pay for the entire purchase with $Lopes or only a part of it. If the user pays the purchase price only partially with $Lopes, the remaining amount must be paid with other existing payment methods (PayPal, CC, etc.).

Users of the $Lopes are rewarded with a discount on purchased Leandro Lopes products. In addition, under certain conditions, the $Lopes entitle the users to participate in the Loyalty Program, which is associated with numerous monetary and non-monetary benefits. In addition, $Lopes can be earned by wearing the $Lopes[1] shoes. The determining factor for the number of $Lopes earned is the number of steps walked within a certain period and compared to the total $Lopes-Ecosystem in the Wear to Earn program.

$Lopes can exclusively be used for the purchase of Leandro Lopes products offered by a company belonging to the Leandro Lopes Group. $Lopes tokens are not designed to be used for the purchase of goods or services offered by third party companies.

5.2 “Wear to Earn”-Program

The Leandro Lopes Token (“$Lopes”) is a new and innovative token designed specifically to encourage people to walk and contribute to people's lifestyle. Everybody who buys the $Lopes[2] Shoes will be rewarded with $Lopes tokens when and if the shoes are used. The idea is to earn $Lopes by just walking and thereby making the shoe more cost effective for clientele.

The $Lopes[3] Shoe is created as a core Leandro Lopes product that everyone should be able to afford. In every country and on every continent, the $Lopes[4] Shoes should be affordable for everyone. For this reason, in addition to the luxury versions, there will also be a basic version/offering of the $Lopes [5] Shoes, specifically designed for different regions, and priced accordingly. This basic version will be, as all products, met by Leandro Lopes' quality standards. The Mining of $Lopes is intended to make a decisive contribution to the affordability of Leandro Lopes products.

$Lopes that can be mined by wearing the Leandro Lopes shoes are taken from the Lopes-Mining-Pool. Each user will get a FIAT equivalent of minimum 0,08 USD in tokens per 1.000 steps. For calculating the amount of $Lopes tokens a user is getting each day, the current value of $Lopes is used. As long as the $Lopes is not listed, the price per $Lopes is set to 0,35 USD

The amount of steps per user a day is capped to 20.000 steps. Each user can double his cap on a daily basis, by posting a picture of him using the shoe on social media and performing additional interactions across the LL ecosystem and Social Media Accounts.

“Wear to Earn” Calculation Example (with example numbers) to illustrate the mechanism:



Steps made this day

FIAT equivalent user receives this day

Current $Lopes price

$Lopes user receives this day

User A


2,42 * 0,08 USD = 0,19 USD

0,35 USD

0,5428571 $Lopes

User B


20,0 * 0,08 USD = 1,60 USD

0,35 USD

4,5714285 $Lopes

User C


5,20 * 0,08 USD = 0,42 USD

0,35 USD

1,2 $Lopes

User D


17,5 * 0,08 USD = 1,40 USD

0,35 USD

4 $Lopes

User E


27,8 * 0,08 USD = 2,22 USD

0,35 USD

6,3428671 $Lopes


This is just a simplified example to illustrate the logic. Of course, we will have more users, different amounts and the daily number of $Lopes available for the distribution under the “Wear to Earn”-Program will also change every day.

Technologically, the counting of steps is made possible by a special chip integrated into the sole of the $Lopes [6] Shoes. This registers each step through the pressure exerted on the sole of the shoes with each step. The corresponding signals are automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to the Leandro Lopes App and processed by an automated calculation system.

The $Lopes earned are then distributed directly to the wallet of participating users of the $Lopes[7] Shoes program. The shoes are, at purchase, equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be charged using a Leandro Lopes induction mat.

5.3 LL-Mining Pool

The Issuer will establish the LL-Mining Pool as a source for $Lopes that can be mined. The mining reserve will be replenished with 70 million $Lopes when the private and public presale of the $Lopes are completed and the $Lopes made available for sale are sold out. A certain percentage of the $Lopes in the Lopes-Mining Pool, which is regularly determined and announced by the Issuer, is reserved for the daily mining of the $Lopes under the “Wear to Earn”-Program.

The Issuer will buy back $Lopes from the market to make $Lopes available for mining. Therefore, 10% of the net revenue generated from the sale of the $Lopes [8] Shoe is used to buy back $Lopes from the public market. These $Lopes are used to replenish the Lopes-Mining Pool.

5.4 LL-Loyalty Program

The basic LL-Loyalty Program provides a discount on all Leandro Lopes products purchased with $Lopes in the Leandro Lopes Online Shop or the LL-Flagship Stores. The basic discount amounts to 2% of the regular purchase price when $Lopes are used for respective purchases. However, depending on the respective level held under the LL-Status Program, further discounts are available.

In addition, the LL-Status Program includes the following three levels designed to increase the attractiveness of buying, acquiring, and holding $Lopes. The LL-Status Program is tied to the number of $Lopes held and locked for at least one year. The number of $Lopes possessed determines the category into which an Lopes holder falls. The three categories that are awarded are as follows:

The three categories that are awarded are as follows:

● Lopes- Plutonium 87 Status – 1,000,000 $Lopes

● Lopes Palladium Status – 500,000 - 999,999 $Lopes

● Lopes Platinum Status – 50,000 - 499,999 $Lopes.

Each of these categories provides for certain rewards.

The Lopes- Plutonium 87 Status is the top level followed by the Lopes-Palladium Status and the Lopes-Platinum Status. The respective higher level includes the rewards of the lower-level status.

The holder of $Lopes is entitled to the rewards only if the respective number of $Lopes providing a LL-Status are upheld for one year or a multiple thereof. For these purposes, the $Lopes will be locked-up, i.e. cannot be sold or otherwise used until the elapse of the lock-up period of at least one year is complete.

The Lopes-Plutonium 87 Status provides the following benefits:

● 10% discount on all LL-Products purchases

● Free entrance as VIP to two fashion shows per year

● Free participation in two special events with celebrities per year

● Free membership in the LL-Plutonium 87 Designing Club

● Participation in design creation events rewarded by NFT

● Production of goods customised to the status holder

● One Free Visit of the LL-Factory in São João de Madeira, Portugal

● Preview of the next fashion six month before presentation

● Monthly update of the development of the LL-Business.

● Direct meeting with Leandro Lopes?

● Signed pair of shoes

The Lopes- Palladium Status provides the following benefits:

● 7.5% discount on all LL-Products purchases

● Production of goods customised to the status holder

● One Free Visit of the LL-Factory in São João de Madeira, Portugal

● Preview of the next fashion six month before presentation

● Monthly update of the development of the LL-Business.

The Lopes- Platinum Status provides the following benefits:

● 5.0% discount on all LL-Products purchases

● Preview of the next fashion six month before presentation

● Monthly update of the development of the LL-Business.

The LL- Plutonium 87 Designing Club is the think tank and decision-making body for the development of new LL-Products. Its main purpose is to discuss and create new fashion lines and products and decide on new editions of shoes, clothing, and accessories.

The members of the LL- Plutonium 87 Designing Club are the professional designers of Leandro Lopes including Leandro Lopes himself and other creatives as well as the holders of the Lopes-Plutonium 87 Status. Lopes-Plutonium 87 Status holders are given the opportunity to propose new designs and outfits.

When a Lopes- Plutonium 87 Status holder’s proposal is approved for inclusion in the product portfolio, the Lopes- Plutonium 87 Status holder receives a unique NFT for that product and, in addition, a special reward in the form of a lifetime share of 3.5% in the sales of the award-winning shoes for lifetime.

5.5 Staking of $Lopes

Owners of $Lopes may earn new $Lopes via the Leandro Lopes staking mechanism which can be found directly on the Issuer’s website. The staking process runs when $Lopes are vested for a specific amount of time.

Lock-up Periods

Each $Lopes holder has the right to subject the $Lopes he/she holds to a specific lock-up period in order to stake $Lopes. For example, the $Lopes holder decides not to use a certain number of his $Lopes for staking purposes for 6 months. In this case, he must hold these $Lopes under the $Lopes staking mechanism and enter the desired term of the staking in return for rewards in the form of $Lopes.

Similarly, $Lopes will be staked if a holder of $Lopes decides to use a certain number of $Lopes to achieve or maintain a certain $Lopes status under the Lopes-Status Program (see 5.3 above). The minimum lock-up period in this case is one year or a whole multiple of thereof.

$Lopes-Staking Yield

The yield generated by the staking of $Lopes amounts to 8% per year of the $Lopes locked-up. The number of $Lopes will be calculated in accordance with the Act/Act ICMA method.

5.6 Leandro Lopes-NFTs (LL-NFTs)

Use as Certificate of Authenticity

Each pair of shoes that will be produced bears a unique identification number (code). Successful buyers will receive a nonfungible token “NFT’, which is a virtual certificate of ownership representing their individual and unique shoe ID that will be stored directly on the blockchain.

After completion and registration on their LL-App, users are directly issued the respective NFTs on their wallets within the LL-App. This kind of NFT serves only authentication purposes. Each NFT evidences the owner, the type, size, day of purchase, a picture of the purchased shoes etc. With this proof of authenticity, an owner is entitled to taking part across various elements of the LL-Ecosystem.

NFT as Collectible

Limited editions of shoes and other apparels will be created in cooperation with selected celebrities, artists and the LL-Designing Club. For each single designed product, an NFT will be generated. The NFT can then either be sold together with the respective physical product or independently. Only one single NFT per product is available at any one time. For example, each NFT will be produced bearing a picture of the respective shoes and further individualised details.

Use of NFTs in Metaverse

NFTs may be showcased on virtual arenas where tens of thousands of users interact daily through avatars – flaunting their skins and outfits. This creates an improved possibility for users within the web3 space to proudly establish their online appearances, just as people do in the real world. Called “skins,” these outfits or shells are bought by players to painstakingly customise their appearance in online games and other environments across web3.

This is a new trend that must be taken seriously, especially after Facebook’s rebrand as “Meta” has refocused the company towards creating a simulated digital world where users can interact as if in a real physical space. Suddenly this niche practice has the potential to get very big. In an October 2021 video announcement of its plans, Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg could be seen using his and his colleagues’ avatars to try on clothes, play cards, pay artists, and even go surfing.

“Avatars will be as common as profile pictures today, but instead of a static image, they’re going to be living 3D representations of you, your expressions, your gestures,” Zuckerberg explained. “You’re going to have a wardrobe of virtual clothes for different occasions designed by different creators and from different apps and experiences.”

He went on to describe how Meta would help creators make clothing, home décor, and accessories that can be carried from one platform to the other—say, from Meta’s universe to the game world of Halo.

The goal of LL-NFTs is to create unique identities across multiple metaverse platforms, enabling users to equip themselves with LL-branded gear in both the physical and virtual worlds.

5.7 LL-Metaverse

The metaverse is an expanding terrain of virtual environments including platforms where users can create games and geographies for others, or which provide multiplayer games or social spaces for other entertainment and investment purposes. The Leandro Lopes Holding AG has planned to introduce the LL-Metaverse by the end of 2023 and launch a Leandro Lopes digital luxuries brand.

LL-Metaverse is intended to create virtual social places and experiences where participants can meet celebrities, show off, participate in model contests, take part in fashion shows, competitions or other fashion related challenges or games.

Leandro Lopes store items are to appear in custom-developed Leandro Lopes blockchain-based worlds, where the currency is exclusively digital, and participants "own" parcels of land used to store and sell items. Use of Leandro Lopes virtual products are also intended to be used across competing blockchain-based worlds such as Decentraland and Sandbox.

The Issuer will use its current income to pay the costs and expenses required for the development of the LL-Metaverse.

5.8 Wallet

Each user of $Lopes tokens must obtain a personal wallet that can be used for transactions on the Private LL-Polygon Blockchain as well as on the public Polygon blockchain. $Lopes tokens are built on ERC20 technology and will be transferred into the wallet when purchased, staked or mined.

The sale and transfer of $Lopes happens on the public Polygon blockchain. The advantage of the public Polygon blockchain in comparison to the Ethereum Blockchain is the substantially lower transaction costs (gas fees), faster transaction executions and dramatically lower impact on the environment through low energy requirements (no Proof-of-work mining).

The user’s wallet plays a significant role in the LL-Ecosystem, allowing users to make P2P transfers between users of the LL-Ecosystem The wallet is a metamask wallet free to download. After downloading the browser-addon of metamask, the users must register to purchase $Lopes tokens during the presales round by performing the required KYC/AML procedures allowing them eligibility to purchase the tokens. The user’s wallet address within metamask is then automatically captured by the presale application and the $Lopes tokens are then delivered to the purchasers’ metamask wallets on a daily basis as a means of preventing hacking and/or fraud.

The private key and password users create will give them access to their wallets. The metamask wallet has an interface that is user-friendly and simple to operate. Users do not need to have a bank account to set up the wallet. The interface allows users to connect and transact within the Private LL-Polygon network or to transact on the public Polygon blockchain. The wallet is secure by design. Using a blockchain explorer, users can view their history of transactions. This creates a transparent ecosystem that detaches the need of financial reporting.

5.9 The Lopes-App

The Lopes-App functionalities cover all $Lopes related features within the $Lopes LL-Ecosystem. These are in particular (but not exclusively):

- $Lopes LL-Mining Shoe Sneakers Management;

- Management of the LL-Mining Shoe Sneakers Rewards;

- Management of the $Lopes LL-Staking Program;

- Display of $Lopes-wallet balance; and

- Overview and holding on LL NFTs.

For each purchase made, customers will earn a certain percentage of cashback via the $Lopes token, which is immediately credited to the respective customer’s metamask wallet and can be further then used for payments and purchases of LL-Products either online or within the LL-Flagship Stores.

The LL-App is the main tool for receiving $Lopes and making payments within the LL-Ecosystem. Therefore, the wallet will be connected to the LL-App. The LL-App functions purely as the interface to control the features within the ecosystem. The LL-App does not have any Private Keys or similar stored and cannot be accessed. Data, such as balances of $Lopes are only displayed in the LL-App. Signing of transactions can only ever be done by the user and its wallet. Leandro Lopes AG has no access to this. $Lopes can be received and transferred via the wallet only. Traditional functions for making payments with Euro or other fiat currencies will also be available within the LL-App at a later stage.

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