16. Road Map

Road Map

The Issuer expects to raise approximately CHF 25 million by the LL-ITO until the end of 2022.
According to the business plan, the Lopes-Group’s business will develop as follows:
In 2023, a Leandro Lopes Fashion company will be established in Los Angeles and the first LL-Flagship Store will be opened there. A second LL-Flagship Store will be opened in Dusseldorf. Further LL-Flagship Stores will follow in London, Paris, Miami and New York in 2025. In 2026, the Leandro Lopes Group will start with its expansion in Asia and open LL- Flagship Stores in Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
The milestones of the turnover of the Lopes-Group are projected as follows:
• End of 2023: USD 25 million
• End of 2025: USD 50 million
• End of 2029: USD 200 million
The LL-Community is expected to count 350,000 members by the end of 2029.
At the end of 2023, the LL-Metaverse will be introduced where users can create games and geographies for others, and which provides multiplayer games or social spaces for other entertainment and investment purposes.
Customers will be able to enter virtual social places where participants meet celebrities, show off, play sports or other games and interact with all areas of the LL ecosystem.
Q1 2022
• Private Pre-Sale Contracts • Pre-Sale Frontend • Locked LP & Vesting Schedule • Release on Polygon - Alpha
Q3 2022
• Public Presale • Launch on $LOPES Sneaker sales • Deployment of LL APP • Staking mechanism
Q1 2023
• Listing of the $Lopes Token • Limited Edition NFT Drops • Entrance into GameFi • Migration to 3D Boutique LL NFT Marketplace
Q4 2023
• Last Call for remaining $Lopes (if any) • Opening of LL-Flagship Stores in Dusseldorf and Los Angeles; • Introduction of the LL-Metaverse • Turnover of the LL-Group: USD 25 million p.a
• Opening of LL-Flagship Stores in London, Dubai, Paris, Berlin, Monaco, Milan, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai • LL-Group’s turnover: USD 200 million • LL Digital footprint of 10 million users • Strategies developed to support AR/VR and immersive technology