8. LL-Charity Program

LL-Charity Program

Leandro Lopes and the Leandro Lopes Group (“LL-Group”) is dedicated to helping increase equal opportunities for socially and financially disadvantaged young people from the low-income quarters in the USA, favelas in Latin America and slums in parts of Africa. Details of the Leandro Lopes Charity Program (“LL-Charity Program”) will be developed by a five-headed LL-Charity Committee. Permanent members of this committee will be Leandro Lopes and Mohamad Sharif. The other three members will be appointed by them on an annual rotating basis.

8.1 Talent Development & Scholarships

One element in achieving the charity goals is the promotion of talent and the granting of scholarships for university education. Young people interested in fashion design will be invited to participate in online design competitions that are held regularly. Participants must demonstrate their talent in designing shoes, T-shirts, jackets and other garments, as well as accessories. The best 20 participants of each contest are selected and take part in a final round, where a jury composed of top designers and celebrities, appointed by the LL-Charity Committee, will select three winners.
The three winners will be given an opportunity to compete for a university scholarship at the expense of the LL- Group and the other 17 finalists will receive Leandro Lopes fashion items for their successful participation in the competition.
Furthermore, the LL-Group may decide to offer jobs to the winners or assist them in finding employment in the fashion industry.

8.2 Donations in Kind

It is the company’s belief that disadvantaged young people should not be excluded from personal and/or educational developments due to a lack of clothing options. For this reason, the LL- Group will donate in kind a dedicated portion of up to 10,000 Leandro Lopes fashion items to disadvantaged youth on a yearly basis.
The LL-Charity Committee will be given the responsibility to take final decisions regarding the distribution conditions and mechanisms of these donations.

8.3 Donations in Cash

The LL-Group donates further money in amounts and purposes determined by the LL-Charity Committee.
Currently, the LL-Group makes donations to non-profit organisations for charitable purposes, especially financially destitute children.