6. Lopes-Platform & Technology

Lopes-Platform & Technology

The $Lopes is a utility token using the ERC20-standard. It will be published on the Polygon Blockchain for strategic reasons, with the $Lopes using a so-called hybrid Blockchain infrastructure.

6.1 Lopes Hybrid Blockchain

For strategic and economic reasons, $Lopes will be run on a so-called hybrid blockchain. In addition to the public Polygon blockchain there will also be a privately hosted version of the Polygon blockchain which is Ethereum compliant (Ethereum Virtual Machine – EVM– Compatibility). This means that also Ethereum can be deployed if wanted. The main reason to use an EVM compatible blockchain is for better performance and much lower GAS fees.
The servers for hosting the private blockchain are located in different regions. Using different server locations makes the system crashproof, even in cases similar to OVH datacentre fire in 2021. In case of failure of one of DC, private Blockchain will still be working, in case of destruction of more than one of the servers, all data still can be recovered from one copy, because all data blocks are digitally signed and can be verified on recovery.
Having the private blockchain gives several strategic advantages. It is much more cost-efficient because transactions performed on private blockchain don’t cost any transaction fees.
Because of that, all transactions which are performed within the internal ecosystem like receiving mining rewards, receiving loyalty tokens, using tokens to pay in the Leandro Lopes e-commerce shop, using staking rewards, etc. can be performed without any fees. Since the NFTs will be provided on the public Polygon blockchain, usual fees will be charged.
Because there will be thousands of daily so-called microtransactions (only sending out daily mining rewards) all users of the LL- ecosystem will benefit from the advantages of the private blockchain.
The private blockchain is constantly notified on the public Polygon blockchain (private blockchain headers are periodically stored on the public blockchain). Therefore, every movement on the private chain is 100% transparent. Having all these microtransactions sent over through one batch transactions to the public Polygon blockchain costs significantly less gas fees.
That means the Leandro Lopes hybrid blockchain combines all advantages of a lean private blockchain with the transparency and security of a public blockchain, where customers will take advantages of security, fast transactions and zero limitation across all regions.

6.2 Wallet and Hybrid Blockchain

The metamask wallet can be connected to the LL-Private Blockchain by adding the private LL blockchain as a network.
Neither token purchases nor the allocation of tokens as part of the loyalty or LL-Staking Program are processed via the LL-Private Blockchain. The LL-Private Blockchain merely serves as a "logic core" for performing calculations and enabling or controlling certain functions. When a user transacts, for example to buy products from a Leandro Lopes store, the customer interacts with the LL-Private Blockchain. Here, the purchase is recorded and processed for the purpose of the loyalty program (i.e., calculating how many $LOPES to spend as cashback for a purchase or as reward for walking with the LL-Mining Shoe Sneakers the staking of $Lopes). The result is then transmitted to the Public Blockchain in bundled form to perform the final transactions of the users. The actual transfer of tokens takes place exclusively on the Public Blockchain. Likewise, the smart contract for blocking the tokens participating in the LL-Staking Program is located on the LL-Private Blockchain. Also, the transfer of NFTs takes only place on the LL-Public Blockchain is triggered by the LL-Private Blockchain.

6.3 Advantage of Polygon Blockchain

The reason for using the Polygon blockchain for the Lopes is very simple. The smart-contract technology of Polygon blockchain is identical to the Ethereum blockchain. But in comparison to the Ethereum blockchain it is much more energy efficient and also has much lower less transaction costs.
The operation and interaction of the LL-Private Blockchain and the Polygon public blockchain is illustrated in the graph below.
The Leandro Lopes community is expected to grow very fast, and in the future, will have thousands of daily transactions going through the LL ecosystem. In preparation for this, the company has decided to use a well-known energy efficient blockchain, which also leans on Leandro Lopes philosophy to count on and support sustainable technologies.
The following graph shows that a BTC transaction causes about 945 kilograms of CO2, while the transaction of one $Lopes causes only 0.0003 kilogram.