14. Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities and Influencers

One of the biggest strengths of the Leandro Lopes brand is its collaboration with celebrities and influencers. The partner and marketing director, Mohamad Sharif, has many celebrity contacts, as a result of which well-known artists such as Jerome Boateng, James Rodriguez, Floyd Mayweather, Migos, P Diddy, Lil Baby, Neymar, Jason Derulo, Tyga, Snoop Dog or Kollegah, among others, have posted Leandro Lopes products for free on their own social media channels, thus reaching a significant number of followers for the LL brand. This can generate very high reach, which in turn translates into higher sales figures in the Leandro Lopes online store.
Due to the cost-effective ways to quickly and easily collaborate with well-known influencers like the ones mentioned above, the Issuer will try to leverage its contracts and promote the “Lopes token offer” through careful promotion. Elaborate photo and video shoots will be used to showcase the selection process involving the influencers as brand ambassadors, awareness, perception and reach of the Leandro Lopes brand.