3. Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Leandro Lopes’ brand has a vision to become a leading global luxury brand for physical and digital fashion standing for (i) innovation and sustainability, (ii) high quality and a high level of interaction and cooperation with its large customer base, (iii) affordability, and (iv) ESG compliance. What you wear physically, you should also be able to wear digitally across metaverses. The merging of the physical world with the digital one is already being strived for.
Leandro Lopes not only wants to sell fashion to its customers, but also provide earning opportunities for those who engage in its fashion community. It should be affordable and easy to become part of the Leandro Lopes community, regardless of gender, religion, background, and mindset. The idea is to earn crypto by (i) acquiring the fashion, (ii) creating it, (iii) wearing it, and most importantly (iv) using it. The latter is of utmost importance as the Leandro Lopes brand strives to provide innovative value to its customers so that they can live a healthier and more prosperous lifestyle as part of the core community and the brand.
The launch of the Leandro $Lopes Token ("$Lopes") and its associated LL-Ecosystem is the main tool to achieve these planned goals. It is the cosmos designed to grow the Leandro Lopes community and develop an interactive system that connects the physical world with the virtual one and even allows earning in the form of digital currency. The innovative technology used foresees that, for example, each LL item, such as a pair of shoes, is tokenized as an NFT and facilitates the mining of $Lopes tokens while they are used by the customer.
The $Lopes token is designed to achieve a constant value growth based on demand and stimulated by attractive rewards and scarcity. If $Lopes will be used for the purchase of shoes, clothing and other goods, a discount will be applied. In addition, $Lopes can be earned by wearing the Leandro Lopes shoes. Finally, the $Lopes are rewarded through an attractive status program. Depending on the number of $Lopes owned, and the period of staking endured by the users.
$Lopes owners are entitled to several benefits such as participating in fashion shows, special events with celebrities, creation of new shoes and in a valuable NFT program and community ecosystem.
The entire $Lopes program is to be rounded off by a platform that will allow members of the Leandro Lopes community to buy Leandro Lopes shoes, clothing and accessories in virtual form and virtually utilise them across Web3 ecosystems.